Gina's Creation

Get Tied Up

Looking cute and being comfortable don't always go hand in hand. Thanks to lululemon that is 100% possible. I paired this cute Tie It Up Tank with a strappy Free To Be Serene bra and my favorite high-rise Wunder Under pants! Cute and comfy all day long! 

Bikram Yoga Isn't For Me

The class begins and the teacher is, I kid you not, in full-length pants, a tank top, and a long sleeve shirt…WHAT. I am sweating out my sins from 2017 over here and she is FULLY CLOTHED. Alright, this is some type of voodoo magic right here.


Summer vibes

Summer is here and so is the heat! When the temperatures climb I like to stick to minimal pieces that are great to transition with through the day. With this outfit, as the sun sets, I can add a sweater or light jacket just to take the chill off. 

Crop top & Shorts: Hollister, Sunglasses: RayBan

Photo: Ashley Belle

Being a Friend Means Showing Up

We have all been there. We get so busy that we forget about the art show or the party that our friend asked us to be at months ago. We can leave now and be late or we can not go at all and lie to our friend and say that something came up...which do you choose? If you consider yourself a friend at all I hope you choose to go to the event even though you will be late. 



During the summer I love to keep my outfits as cool as possible! Two piece outfits are making a comeback and are perfect for the warm weather! This bright print transitions perfectly from the warm days of spring with a jean jacket to the hot days of summer! I scooped up this set from Hollister on clearance with a student discount online and got the set for under $25! 

Top & Skirt set: Hollister

Photo: Mike Chaiken


CT -> NYC -> CT

It is about 7 am, and at this point, I have already been away for close to five hours. They are playing all Taylor Swift songs including the new album – I cannot say I hate it. I look out the window and see the sign for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Everyone who walks in this Starbucks is wicked trendy and probably on their way to a super cool job in a skyscraper.


Simple and Fun

I feel much more productive on my days off when I pull an outfit together other than sweatpants and this one is my go-to! It is casual and comfortable and you won't be running in the other direction if someone spots you out and about! 

Top & Jeans: American Eagle, Jacket: Target, Booties: Forever 21, Necklace: Gap

Photo: Michael Sisko

Just Because You Didn't Win...

As a society we are taught to seek validation from others and I am here to tell you that you do not need it. You are successful. You are beautiful. You are intelligent and you do not need a group of six judges to tell you that. Before you even entered the room for interview and before you took the stage for the live competition within you lay the most beautiful components a human being could possess.


Blue Skies

Rompers are my go-to piece when I'm in a hurry to put an outfit together! You can dress them up or down by pairing it with wedges or some cute white sneakers! 

Romper: Target, Bag: Aldo

Photo: Alicia Salvatore

The Little Things

It's the way I wake up just a few minutes before my alarm clock

It's the way I open my eyes to start the day and feel like I am unstoppable

It's the way the yolk runs perfectly on top of my breakfast sandwich that puts a smile on my face

Cake, yes please! Another year older? No thanks. 

Turning another year sucks, but hey, we have a whole new year to keep striving for our goals and dreams and if by the next birthday they have not happened –– you did your best, now have a piece of cake and enjoy the life you are living regardless.


Auditioning for Broadway isn't what you'd think...

And at the end of the day you may get a callback or cast in the show but in the event that you don't, you still got called in to audition for a Broadway show and how cool is that?